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Career Perspectives


We only have to consider the numbers to see that neuroscience is on the rise: With more than one billion patients worldwide, the burden on the quality of life of patients and the economic impact of brain diseases is substantial. The European Brain Council recently estimated the socioeconomic cost of neurological and psychiatric diseases for the year 2010 in the EU at 800 billion Euro.

Equally high is the demand for qualified researchers as the job market for graduated neuroscientists continues to grow worldwide. With a Master's degree in Neuroscience you have a vast variety of career options in the academic, private and public sector.


Below we have listed a selection of examples for career paths for MSc graduates:

  • Professor or research assistant at universities or research institutes
    (Max-Planck, Helmholtz, Leibnitz, Fraunhofer etc.)

  • Lecturers at a universities or medical facilities

  • Clinical researcher at hospitals and rehabilitation facilities

  • Training supervisor in the health sector

  • Lab technician in the health sector

  • Researcher and project manager in the health sector, i.e. in pharmaceutical industry, medical devices industries, and sports industry

  • CEO, CTO, biomedical engineer or scientist in Neurotechnology companies

  • Research assistant at certification institutes

  • Advisor / Consultant in research funding (Federal Ministry of Research and Education, DFG, EU, foundations)

  • Scientific or business consultant

  • Patent attorney

  • Scientific journalist