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About our program and research


The English-taught two-year course is offered by labs from three faculties and research centers, and will deliver higher education in both the foundations of neuroscience and the latest research in the field. Our modular course structure caters to the individual backgrounds and research interests of the participants, providing theoretical as well as practical training in the essentials of neuroscience as well as electives.

Transcending the disciplines out of which neuroscience evolves, the M.Sc.-program takes an integrated approach: incorporating skill training and education in a wide range of theoretical and experimental methods, students in our program are encouraged to approach problems from different angles.  

The program stretches over two years and starts in October. The academic year in Germany is divided into two terms, called semesters. After having finished your first term learning the foundations of neuroscience and its research methods, you have the opportunity to select an individual research path that will cater to your individual research interests. You will be able to choose from wide range of specializations including Computational Neuroscience, Neural Circuits and Behavior, and Neurotechnology and compose your individual curriculum from different courses.

The newly established program builds on numerous well established neuroscience activities in teaching and research that until recently were distributed across the participating institutions, providing students with training from Bachelor to PhD level. To meet the needs of future neuroscience research we developed the coherent M.Sc. Neuroscience program which is described in more detailed here.



Alternative neuroscience education within the M.Sc. Biology

The Faculty of Biology also offers an alternative neuroscience education within the M.Sc. Biology. The M.Sc. Biology provides an education in biology with topics that represents the whole spectrum of biology research at the Faculty of Biology in Freiburg. Neuroscience can be studied as a specialisation within the M.Sc. Biology.

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