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Neuroelectronic Systems


Neuro-Engineering is a scientific discipline that uses engineering techniques to understand, repair, replace, enhance, or treat the diseases of neural systems. (wikipedia)

For that purpose, we harness the methods and approaches of experimental and clinical neurosciences, biophysics, signal processing, computer sciences, and computational neurosciences to go for our ultimate goal, the chronic, bi-directional brain-machine interface and Intelligent Implants.

We are thus utilizing a systems engineering approach and touch a wide variety of different fields in our research.


Prof. Ulrich Hofmann

Research Area:

  • Neurosciences

Research Interests:

  • Neuro-Engineering,
  • Brain-Machine Interfacing,
  • Multisite Neuronal Recordings,
  • Therapeutic Microstimulations,
  • Bio-Signal Processing,
  • Closed-Loop and Intelligent Implants,
  • Neurosurgical Robotics


Neuroelectronic Systems

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hofmann

Department for General Neurosurgery
Endowed Peter-Osypka Professor for Neuroelectronic Systems

University Hospital Freiburg
Neuroelectronic Systems
79108 Freiburg

Phone: +79 (0) 761 270 50076